An analysis of the story the nightingale by hans christian andersen

It takes place in the distant future, when there has been a good deal of space colonization. He had put on the emperors golden crown, and held in one hand his sword of state, and in the other his beautiful banner.

The emperors palace was the most beautiful in the world. One evening, when the artificial bird was singing its best, and the emperor lay in bed listening to it, something inside the bird sounded whizz.

To think that I should have to learn of it out of a book.

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The emperor immediately sprang out of bed, and called for his physician; but what could he do? I know you well. He enters the consciousness of the lieutenant — and the lieutenant, looking down enviously, wishes he was the watchman, which restores the watchman to himself.

The emperor was so delighted that he declared the nightingale should have his gold slipper to wear round her neck, but she declined the honor with thanks: It was learned, long-winded, and full of hard Chinese words, yet everybody said they read and understood it, lest they show themselves stupid and would then have been punched in their stomachs.

All around the bed and peeping through the long velvet curtains, were a number of strange heads, some very ugly, and others lovely and gentle-looking. They stopped in their tracks! And since Ursula actually loved themthis winds up pissing her off.

Contrary to fellow famous writer William Shakespearehis appearance is that of a child but with the baritone voice of a fully-grown manrepresenting how he has a childish mind capable of writing his fairy tales, but still carrying all his adult life experiences.

But where was she? All the courtiers thought he was dead, and went to do homage to the new Emperor. But they still went on, and Death nodded like a Chinaman to all they said.

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It was quiet in the palace, dead quiet. You're just overjoyed, proud of the job you did without your beloved wife around In both cases, the animators even went as far as to detail all of their pieces sinking down to the ocean floor.

Then I shall sit on the spray by your window, and sing things that will make you happy and thoughtful too.

Jenny Lind however, preferred to think of him as her brother.

Friday’s Tale: The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen

They liked to be able to learn the song of the artificial bird. The Chinamen loved their Emperor, and now he fell ill. As soon as the artificial bird was wound up, it could sing like the real one, and could move its tail up and down, which sparkled with silver and gold.

As they went along, a cow began lowing.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Then the music-master made a little speech, full of hard words, and declared that the bird was as good as ever; and, of course no one contradicted him. But the emperor was not yet dead, although he lay white and stiff on his gorgeous bed, with the long velvet curtains and heavy gold tassels.

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The servants came in to look after their dead Emperor- and there they stood. The Chinese really were fond of their emperor, and he now lay so ill that he was not expected to live.

Then I hear the nightingale sing. Andersen has appeared as a Historical-Domain Character in the following works: After a year the Emperor, his court, and all the other Chinamen knew every twitter of the artificial song by heart. I am grateful to Ida Holst for pointing the error to me. She finds the Norwegian trolls rude.

Among the folds of the great velvet curtains there were strangely familiar faces. Even the Emperor of Japan got to hear about the wonderful nightingale, and sent a gift of an beautiful jewelled artificial bird. The whole town talked about the marvelous bird, and if two people met, one could scarcely say "night" before the other said "gale," and then they would sigh in unison, with no need for words.

And after this the real nightingale was banished from the empire, and the artificial bird placed on a silk cushion close to the emperors bed.Nov 05,  · After reading The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen, complete this comprehension page to test your understanding of the story/5(14).

"The Emperor's New Clothes" (Danish: Kejserens nye klæder) is a short tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent – while in reality, they make no clothes at all, making everyone.

Then the nightingale sang still more sweetly, and it was the Emperor's heart that melted. The Emperor was so touched that he wanted his own golden slipper hung round the nightingale's neck, but the nightingale declined it with thanks.

The Yellow Fairy Book is a wonderful collection of tales from all over the world. There are such familiar old favorites as the "Story of the Emperor's New Clothes," "The Tinder-box," "How to Tell a True Princess," and "The Nightingale.". The fairy tale ''The Nightingale'' is one of the more well-known tales by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

The tale is often interpreted as a tribute to his unrequited love. Entry #28 in the Disney Animated Canon, from This movie is widely considered to be the start of the animated feature film renaissance of the s, particularly for Disney.

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An analysis of the story the nightingale by hans christian andersen
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