British paper watermarks

This article was written to help you identify your stamps. The term is used to designate a small blemish typically characterized by a small hole in the substance of the paper.

Hunting for Watermarks

Place the dry stamp face down in a clean tray or dish made of black glass or plastic. Balston ten vats, I have had limited success trying to find chalk paper on the Crown CA and MCA watermark issues using the silver, or magnification tests.

The moulds could be either laid or wove, but obviously the objective of the exercise was to mechanize the production of laid paper, since until only wove paper could be produced on the normal Fourdrinier.

Notice the poor impression of the stamp on the left. Such devices may be handy to have at stamp club meetings and shows, for they can be used without the application of watermark fluid, which is best done at home.

The solvent in some early watermark fluids could damage the designs of some gravure-printed stamps manufactured with fugitive inks British paper watermarks that runs when immersed in certain liquids. It is not certain, however, that any machine constructed along these lines was ever put into use commercially.

Check watermarks to identify valuable stamps Jul 10, The catalog illustrations of the two watermarks and the catalog listings for all three stamps are shown in Figure 3. Figure 1 shows actual photographs of watermarks British paper watermarks stamp paper.

When saturated with the fluid, these flaws are much easier to spot. Watermark fluid can also be helpful in detecting damage to stamps, such as thins in stamp paper, tears, creases or repairs. The watermarking process does not affect mint stamp gum.

However, over the course of the s there is a clear decline in the capacity to determine the format of the volume in hand, given that by the volume may well be among the majority printed on machine-made wove paper without watermarks of any kind and cut in the process of edition binding, thereby removing all the supplementary evidence which might have been brought to bear on the task, notably the original edges of the sheet.

Colored paper, safety or security paper and coated paper. Cowan and in being so late —see figure 7: For numerous occasions, people send greeting cards in envelopes that are on colored paper.

There are various mains or battery powered devices available in which the stamp is placed on a metal plate and a clear plastic block is pressed down onto it. Check watermarks to identify valuable stamps July 10, More often, the collector must use a few basic items to get a good look at the watermark.

Cylinder mould process[ edit ] Another type of watermark is called the cylinder mould watermark. It will also be identified when the paper changes either within the issue or with the next issue.

Luckily, most of the King Edward VII issues were only printed one time, so you won't find as much variation as you will find in the King George V and King George VI issues because they were printed in greater quantity, and over a longer period of time.Check watermarks to identify valuable stamps.

July 10, PM. Stamp paper watermarks show various designs, letters, numbers and pictorial elements. The word "multiple" used to describe the British watermarks in Figure 3 means the paper has a repeating watermark design that appears across each stamp. When just one watermark.

• Paper Collections, Watermark Databases and National Organizations at the International Association of Paper Historians (IPH). • Links to Related Websites at the British Association of Paper. A watermark can be a date, name, or design device made of copper or brass wire incorporated in the paper making tray which produces an impression in “the pulp as it settles during the process of papermaking, and is visible in the finished product when held against the light” (John Carter).

Whatman Antique & Vintage Handmade Papers to For Watercolor, Drawing & Print This is one of the first uses of genuine wove paper in Europe Watermarks were not widely used until the late s The few watermarks seen in British paper from this era are usually simple.

Right is a partial watermark: the letter"W" for Whatman. Watermarks and the Determination of Format in British Paper, Circa B.

Hunting for Watermarks

J. McMullin My concern here is with British paper produced in what may be described as a `transitional' period, extending from to about One of the problems with finding watermarks on older stamps is the previous treatment of the stamp.

Classic stamps are often found with hinges still attached, or in some cases with paper .

British paper watermarks
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