Its an internship paper on a bank

The bank is bound is pledge — bound to perform even better in the coming yearsopening new branches, adding new and better products and services to its customers at their doorsteps. Again, look to any report guidelines you have been given for particulars, but remember that your title should be logical, informational, and professional, and should reflect the type of document that your report represents.

From these meetings, I was able to learn a large amount in terms of team work, creating ideas and brainstorming with other professionals in the field.

What makes Kookmin Bank such a success story is its emphasis on consumer banking services, which has not lessened even though it has made attempts to expand into foreign exchange and corporate banking.

This means, we will hold the following values and will be guided by BRAC as we do our work. The academic background necessary for any project you worked on. There were many details and I was able to learn much about what my job would be.

Informal conversation with the clients. Names and functions of machinery or instruments that you operated. However, at the corporate office, a person working in human resources was in charge of my training.

I submitted a resume along with a cover letter explaining why I sought an internship with the bank.

Internship Experience Essay Sample

The interview was conducted in group-format, with five individuals engaging in the interview process. Conclusion In conclusion this internship taught me many things about the working life but also about everyday life.

Face-to-face conversation with the respective officers and staff of the Branch. I hope you enjoyed reading this updated report as much as I did rewriting it. Being a South Korean organization, Kookmin Bank's corporate structure differs somewhat from a traditional American mission statement.

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During this time, I was privileged to undergo three fundamental stages in my experience. The bank has instituted several measures to ensure ethical dealing and has made a commitment to ethics that is practically unrivaled by any other major international banking institution.

Luxembourg was only the first of its international locations, and the bank now has a major international presence. During my internship at RAWBANK I had the chance to overlook very interesting services such as electronic banking service, the correspondent banking service, treasury department, the retail credit service, marketing and communication services, back and front office operations, the quality service, the secretariat, but also the cashier VIP and Moneygram.

For imports, the bank pays all bulletins which bring together the various payments in a single transaction. Also, especially if you produce a professional product, you might offer your report as a writing sample to a potential employer.

Inthe bank opened a branch in London, while establishing a local corporation body in Hong Kon during Knowing that the school did not want relation between students and companies so I asked the company a letter confirming that there would be no connection between my father and me.

Internship and Co-op Reports

Objectives of the study: As at the local branch, there was no single individual in charge of training me. It is headed by a President and is the most important organ of the Bank. Moreover, I had the opportunity of observing the heads of different departments reacting to issues which affected their departments directly.

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In the study of business management, individuals are usually encouraged to associate with other people so that they would be in a position of gaining experience in the field.

It is now been called a modern bank that undertakes all its operations at its international standard. It is for this reason that I had the opportunity of getting a position as a customer representative in Bank of America.

Banking in South Korea, and in much of Asia, has traditionally provided a venue for money laundering.

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However, at the corporate office, a person working in human resources was in charge of my training. However, all faculty supervisors will be interested in reading about three main subjects: Detailed accounts should be given of such issues as the following:RESOURCE CENTRE SUMMER INTERNSHIP for B.

TECH. (ALL BRANCHES) & Dual Degree BATCHES My Dear Amitian, Summer Internship is an important part of your four year B. Tech Programme or five years dual degree at ASET, Its important that student secures a place in the industry for summer internship well in time.

In the period of 6 weeks internship at Askari Bank G.T Road Branch, Gujrat, I had a chance to have an experience of how a bank performs its functions.

I tried my best to gain a useful experience to plan, develop, present and report and to seek a challenging career oriented position in the field of general banking by using the potential of hard.

National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited started its journey of glory around decay earlier with a mission to improve the financial sector of Bangladesh. Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper.

Assignment; Annual Report; Article; The report is based on the observation and studies during my internship period in Dhanmondi. Read this essay on Business Internship Paper.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. So the bank has already become a significant part of our economy by serving its clients through their personalized service, innovative practices, dynamic.

Internship Experience Essay Sample

The following outline has been developed in an attempt to inform you of the basic expectations which influence the grading of your internship paper.

You should pay careful attention to the inclusion of each of the content areas, as well as the technical aspects of a written document.

Internship at RBI is indeed one of the most prestigious internships for finance enthusiasts. RBI selects the maximum of students all over India each year for its Summer Internship Program.

Its an internship paper on a bank
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